ADHD Professionals

There are many people with ADHD in many professions. Some of these professionals have found a job they love and excel at, except for a few specific areas. An ADHD coach can help you zero in on the pain points and develop solutions that work with your style and that of your organization. Coaching with someone who understands why your brain works the way it does can be incredibly effective at taking you to the next level.

Some people with ADHD have different professional experiences. It may be that you are feeling stuck in a dead end job. An ADHD coach can help you find inspiration, whether it is in your work or other aspects of your life.

You may be on the brink of losing your job if you aren’t able to correct some key issues. We can help you see the steps you need to take to meet the expectations at work.

You may be doing well in your career, but want to transition to another career entirely. We can help you see through all of the pieces of an important career move, so that you can be sure you are headed in the right direction for you.

There are endless variations scenarios where an adult with ADHD wants to, or needs to, make a change. ADHD coaching can help. ADHD coaching comes in to help you identify your strengths in the workplace and capitalize on them.

Having ADHD can add to your value as a professional by enhancing your creativity or out-of-the-box thinking. (Anyone else feel like ‘What box? I was supposed to be in a box???’) It can mean that you make connections that others in your field don’t, leading to revolutionary outcomes. ADHD can give an ED physician or a Firefighter the tremendous ability to hyperfocus in a crisis and therefore save more lives.

There are so many people working on making sure they work on improving their weaknesses. There is definitely a place for this. You have to get to an acceptable level of competence at all aspects of your job. But is anyone ever going to say ‘Wow, that Joe really knocked it out of the park on those TPS reports! He went from an ‘unsatisfactory’ to a ‘meets expectations.’ No. Not ever.

In our ADHD Professional coaching, we work to make sure you have the tools to meet the requirements of your job. Then we look at your strengths in your job and in your personality, then find ways to bring them out in the workplace. Rather than getting to acceptable, we will help you find the part of your job where you are a rock star. Because it is totally plausible that someone could say “Wow, did you see Joe’s presentation to The Jones Group? He knocked it out of the park! They have already committed to a 3 year contract.” If people perceive you as great in an aspect of your job, they may not care as much about some of the things where you aren’t as great.

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