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Do you have a vision for your future but no clear plan how to get there? Are you in panic mode so deeply you can’t even think about the future? Are you stuck in a rut and feel like the future is going to be just more of the same rut? If you answered yes to any of these questions, coaching can help. Coaching is about finding what lifts your heart, brightens your smile, or sings to your soul and making it part of your successful future.

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Many children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have lived their lives with pressure to behave in a certain way - sit still, be quiet, and the dreaded ‘calm down.’ Sometimes our ADHD coaching clients come with a lifetime of trying to fit in, which has led to self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and other issues. Coaching is designed to help see through a clearer lens - to bring your true self into focus. Our ADHD coaching starts with your strengths. We work with you to identify those inherent personality strengths and help you learn to use them to your advantage.

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Our coaching methods are founded in the most current ADHD research, including specific tools designed to help you in straightforward ways, like helping you find ways to get to school or work on time, concentrate on a dull but necessary task, and keeping you out of the state of ADHD overwhelm. We also will introduce tools to help you discover more about yourself, your values, and what gives you joy in life. These tools are designed to work with the special brain wiring (neuroatypical, if you want to be scientific about it) that comes along with ADHD.

Who do we coach?

Coaching can be a life changer for anyone who is open to it and is willing to do the work it takes to get the benefit. The following list shows our areas of specialization. Click on the icons to learn more about each.

About Diane

Diane first considered coaching as a career when her life was radically improved by an ADHD coach. Coaching took her from worrying about work every day (weekends included) to recognizing that the reason work seemed so hard is because as an IT project manager, her innate personality strengths were not valued. She had the life changing shift from perpetual fear of failure at work to the realization that her success at work was amazing because it did not use her natural strengths. Diane strives to help her clients find the perspective they need to be successful and happy.

Diane studied healthcare at Emory University and the University of Pittsburgh. She studied ADHD coaching at the internationally recognized Attention Deficit Disorder Coaches Academy (ADDCA). She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), and the ADHD Coaches Association (ACA).


Coaching can be a life changer for anyone who is open to it and is willing to do the work it takes to get the benefit. The following list shows our areas of specialization. Click on the icons to learn more about each.

No. Many people recognize the descriptions and behaviors of ADHD in themselves and seek coaching.

Therapy is designed to help you understand how your past has influenced your present. It can help with traumas, unhealthy relationships, etc. Coaching is taking you where you are now, to where you want to go. It is future oriented.

ADHD coaching specifically helps do these things while working with the special wiring of your brain. If you are seeking a coach and are ADHD, please be sure to get one that specializes in ADHD.

If you feel like you are progressing with your therapist and get value out of it, by all means continue that relationship. If you are still in a feeling of stuck, or you have life struggles that are not addressed in therapy, like how to get to work on time, how to find and keep a job, or how to not procrastinate on a project until it is the last painful, panicked instant, coaching can help you.

It is reasonable to have a coach, a therapist, or both. It is like getting ice cream. They don’t generally ask “Do you want chocolate sprinkles or whipped cream?” with the intention of giving you only one or the other. They are different from one another, good alone, and good together.

As a general rule, we do not. There are three specific reasons that we prefer to use Zoom or just a phone call.

  1. If you bring an ADHD person into a new environment like an office, how much of the time is that person having to filter out the urge to look at everything in the room and identify any stray sounds? However, if that person calls or Zooms from their home, office, car, or other familiar place, there is significantly less distraction.
  2. Many people are not in metro areas where they can choose which ADHD coach they want to see. Keeping our practice virtual allows us to see people who would not be able to connect otherwise.
  3. TIME! Most ADHD folks struggle with time in some fashion. Either we run late (or super early so we aren’t late again), or we have overextended ourselves with commitments, or we underestimate how long an activity may take. Doing sessions virtually means that we all save the time it takes to travel to and from a location. Yay!

Fees vary depending on the coach and whether it is individual or group coaching. A coach with specific training in ADHD may charge more than one who is a life coach. In general, individual sessions are going to be more expensive than group sessions.

We offer group sessions when we have a number of people that are in similar situations. For example, frequently have a group for parents who have ADHD kids. We discuss everything from how to deal with discipline to processing the feelings that parents go through when they find out their child has ADHD. Individual sessions allow the coach and client to focus more exclusively on the needs of the specific client.

Unfortunately, in the US, it is not. Clients do sometimes use their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to cover the cost.

Coaching varies by the client’s needs and style. Sign up for a free coaching session to determine whether we would be a good fit.

Have more questions we haven’t covered? Sign up for a free discovery session to have your questions answered.

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