ADHD Coaching Can Help Family and Friends Too

Sounds a little weird, right? But sometimes the spouse, sibling, or parents of the person with ADHD are the people that benefit the most from coaching. It is not always easy to live with someone with ADHD. It can be a ton of fun, but it can also stress any relationship.

Parents with ADHD kids have a different set of challenges than other parents. If the child (of any age) is newly diagnosed, parents are worried for their child, not sure what to do with the overload of information – and misinformation- available online, unsure if medication is the way to go, and many other things. A diagnosis can be very scary for parents. In some cases parents feel guilty and start asking themselves if the child has ADHD because of them - genetically or environmentally. Others worry for the future. They are thinking about whether their ADHD teen is going to be able to get through high school and college and if that means they are going to have to support an adult child. Or, maybe they fear they won’t be able to support them because of age or money.

Individual and group coaching can be a tremendous help in working through these concerns and finding ways to help your child and yourself. In individual (or both parents) coaching, you can address concerns specific to your situation and the type of ADHD that your child has.

We have group sessions with parents because the power of coaching combined with peer support can provide extraordinary benefit. It can be hard not to feel lonely when other parents and kids seem to breeze through daily activities like school drop-off or grocery shopping. It can be a huge struggle for you and your ADHD child to get up, get dressed, and leave the house on time. These daily activities can be a struggle for people with ADHD and those around them, but there is help and hope.

Spending time with other parents in a structured conversation can provide the support you need, as well as resources and tools from the coach and from other parents to help you help your child.

If you are struggling to understand your child and their diagnosis, trying to adjust to your new reality, or just feeling like nobody gets how hard you are working to help your ADHD child, please set up a free discovery session. We are always happy to talk to people who want to know more.